By Implication is now Bonito Tech

We are By Implication.

Our people are some of the smartest, most talented, most valuable, and most unbearably self-hyping people we know.

Individually, they feature in the news, speak at conferences, teach at universities, win awards, and organize movements.

Together, we play video games, make bad jokes, and goof off a lot. Along the way, we somehow manage to build things that are beautiful, efficient, and sometimes, fun.

A nice photo of Albert.

Albert Dizon

Possibly a Programmer
A nice photo of Alvin.

Alvin Dumalus

Developer, “I Beat Your High Score”
A nice photo of Jim.

James Choa

Developer, Infra, The Security Specialist
A nice photo of Sesky.

Jonathan Sescon

Developer, Company Poet
A nice photo of Kim.

Katrina Lachica

Designer, Source of all Food, “Do you even lift?”
A nice photo of Kenneth.

Kenneth Yu

Business Analyst, Strategy and Tactics
A nice photo of Levi.

Levi Tan Ong

Designer, Developer, Token Bald Guy
A nice photo of Enzo.

Lorenzo Vergara

Developer, “It’s a bug, but I like it.”
A nice photo of Pao.

Marie Frances Salvan

Researcher, Data Analyst, Cat Herder
A nice photo of Melvin.

Melvin Luis Mendoza

Developer, Biker, Crocheter, Bumbler
A nice photo of Oscar.

Oscar Silva

Employee, Goat
A nice photo of Pierre.

Pierre Chavez

Designer, Maker of Pretty Things
A nice photo of Rodz.

Rodrick Tan

Designer, Business Analyst, Money Counter
A nice photo of Wil.

Wilhansen Li

Developer, “I Invented That”
A nice photo of Zeus.

Zeus Echavez

Infra, Ops, Multi-stan (don't tell Hera)

Interested in joining us?

We’re not looking for anyone right now, but you’re welcome to change our minds.

If you feel you have what it takes, visit for employment or internship opportunities. We’d love to hear from you!